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Hidden Calories

 The Ones that WRECK Your Weightloss Goals


Hiden Calories

“Why am I not losing weight”.  “I am following the program and I can’t seem to achieve my goals”.

If you have said something like this in the past, I recommend you do a diet diary for a week.  Write down everything you eat and DRINK!  I have found many people forget how many calories are in a cup of coffee.  Well actually there are no calories in a cup of black coffee but most coffee drinkers add a little cream, sugar or other flavoring.

So here is the skinny!

HaHa! Lets compare Tim Hortons just because they are the most popular.  It is important to note they use 18% cream.

Small Double Double – 140 Cal. = Two Eggs – 140 Cal.Medium D D – 230 Cal. = 3 Slices Bacon or Boston Cream Donut – 250 Cal.Large D D – 264 Cal. = 2 Slice Rye toast with butter – 260 Cal.

X-Large D D – 320 Cal. = 1 Honey Cruller – 310 Cal.

X-Large Triple Triple – 510 Cal. = Big Mac – 530 Cal.

Large DD – 264 Cal. versus Large 2 milk 2 sugar – 152 Cal. = drop of 112 Cal. switching to milk

Notw remember not all calories are not the same to the body.  The body reacts differently to processed sugar compared to Raw Honey or Maple Syrup.

Large French Vanilla – 430 Cal.
Tall Caramel Macchiato – 180 Cal.
Tall Skinny Macchiato – 140 Cal.
Tall Soy Caramel Macchiato – 180 Cal.

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