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Meet Dr. Bradley Jutzi

Who went to a chiropractor first, Dr. Bradley or their family dog, Carmel?

Dr. Bradley Jutzi adjusts a young patient

Dr. Bradley Jutzi adjusts a young patient

Believe it or not. It was Carmel.

The poor dog slipped on ice and ran into a tree chasing a squirrel. It was a violent impact. Carmel was in obvious discomfort for the next two months even though his veterinarian tried many different drugs. A friend of the family recommended Carmel go to an animal chiropractor. Within three treatments Carmel was able to jump up on the couch again. The funny thing is Dr. Bradley’s father and sister had similar experiences to Carmel’s with chiropractic for treatment of back pain. However, they were not injured while chasing squirrels.

A First Experience with Chiropractic

Dr. Bradley’s first visit to the chiropractor was after falling 15 feet from the top of a rail car which sent all of his back muscles into spasm. After the examination at the hospital Dr. Bradley was given drugs to cover up the pain but nothing for the root cause of the pain. It was time for Dr. Bradley to go to the chiropractor. Not only did Dr. Bradley get out of pain, but he also learned how important regular spinal wellness visits to the chiropractor are on an ongoing monthly basis. Dr. Bradley decided that going to the dentist twice a year for dental check-ups was important to keeping his teeth for life. Therefore, it is even more important to go to the chiropractor once every three weeks for nervous system check-ups. What allows the communication to every cell in your body? Your nervous system!

A Chiropractic Education

Dr. Bradley graduated from New York Chiropractic College in 2002 where he developed a passion and understanding of adjusting pregnant moms, newborns, and children. The most surprising part of Chiropractic College was the abundance of nutritional information that was studied. A side note, if you have never been to the Finger Lakes Region of upstate New York where NYCC is located, it is time to go and explore.

On a Personal Note…

Dr. Bradley and his wife, Talena met at a wedding in Niagara Falls. They are now the proud parents of three children. They love to camp, hike, play ultimate Frisbee, ice hockey and spend time with family. They also have a Haflinger Pony named Carmen, who should make a great Eventing horse for their children someday.

Dr. Bradley receives chiropractic care every two weeks to maintain optimal spinal health. Dr. Bradley’s wife is happy she married a chiropractor because she understood that during her single pregnancy and twin pregnancy adjustments once every 2 weeks minimized back discomfort, shortened labour time and pain.

“Enough about me! How can we help you with safe and natural chiropractic care? Give us a call so we can help you take your first step towards better health.