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Horray for Shreddies!

Genetical Modified Organisms

NON GMO Project

When you read this tittle you either think:

A) Dr. Bradley really likes breakfast

B) Dr. Bradley has family working at the production plant in Niargara Falls and is trying to pump up production

In this case however I am happy about Shreddies because of a new label on the front of the box.

Why is this label important?

It signals change.  Consumers are using their purchasing power! Yes thats right you the consumer has used your dollars to change how coperations think.

“100% Whole Wheat Goodness” well Sheddies before 2015 must have used genetically modified wheat but now has changed.  Why is this a good change?  What medical conditions are help/healed/cured with eating less or eliminating GMO foods from your diet?

Dr. Mercola says:

What does Health Canada say about GMO foods?

The “Food Babe” says:

NON GMO wheat in Shreddies means my family will be choosing Shreddies over cereals without this labeling.

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