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Shweppes, Canada Dry, PC

Which has ARTIFICAL Colour?

Ginger, Pop, Soda

Presidents Choice Ginger Ale.

This past weekend my kids were thirsty.  Nothing new there.  On weekends we will alow our kids to have a pop (soda).  Generally I prefer them to have a pop that does not have Caffeine.  I don’t like having to peel them off the walls or out of the trees therefore I generaly recomend they have Ginger Ale.  They went to my parents fridge and came outside with a Canada Dry Ginger Ale.  They sat and drank some (well may walked around a little while drinking, bad Daddy) then my Spidy sense started tingling.  No bad guys were around but something told me to read the ingredients on the can.  Water, sugar COLOUR !  Why do they do that!  Why would I be worried about artifical colour in food and drinks.  Many reasons including hyperactivity and cancer.

Some popular resources with information on food dye would be

For Me and My Family

Formost for me, it is selfish. I don’t want the behaviour I have observed after my kids have had artificial colours in the past.  Much less arguing and fighting when no artificial colours are consumed.

Schwepper and Canada Dry use artificial colouring. (So do some beers like Stella Artois, reports this)

Presidents Choice, Santa Cruz,  and  Blue Sky Ginger Ales do not.  There are likely more feel free to add some to the comments below.

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